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intheminormode's Journal

Fanfiction by Alexa Johnson
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Fanfiction archive of Alexa Johnson
This is the fanfiction archive of alexajohnson, a 23-year-old female who enjoys writing in her free time (when she can get it).

Her main fandom is Harry Potter, but she also writes for Merlin, and, once upon a time, Lord of the Rings. Her ultimate OTP will always be Draco/Hermione, followed closely by Faramir/Eowyn and Arthur/Morgana. She is recently getting into Star Trek (primarily the Reboot), and while she's more a reader than a writer expect to see some stories soon. Other fandom interests are Fringe, Bones, Star Wars (the prequels), and 24, though whether she will ever write for these remains to be seen. She is a lover of angst, hurt/comfort, romance, gen, action/adventure (though this genre isn't really my forte), character studies, and happy endings.

Hope you enjoy! Comments of all kind are always appreciated. :)

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